London Camera Club Guest and visitor policy.
Checking out the club to see of you want to join? Before joining, prospective members are encouraged to sit in on a meeting or two to see for yourself what we are all about. Note that some nights, there will be guest fees or member-only nights so check the calendar here first. Please read our guest and visitor policy below. If you decide that you want to join, see the membership info page here. No refunds will be given for guest fees paid prior to joining.
Guest and visitor policy.
The London Camera Club has a variety of events and activities throughout the club season which are financed by our members for their benefit. As part of the program, we often invite special guest speakers to present at a Thursday evening meeting. We do allow the public to attend these "special guest speaker" nights. These speakers are paid for with club dues so we ask non-members for a nominal fee to attend, which is usually listed in the calendar event. Some events may have special restrictions or additional fees. This also applies to selected workshops, noted as 'public with fees required to attend', usually with different rates for members and non-members. Members are given a priority where space is limited.

Guests are usually not allowed to attend on “hands on nights” where members equipment is being used by groups or when models are part of a studio night or workshop. All other events on the program, field trips and workshops are also considered member only events with a few exceptions.

Prospective members may attend the no fee member only nights, (except for “hands on nights”) a couple of times to check us out but are required to sign a guest book before entering. Most field trips allow a member to bring a non-member guest who is invited by and remains the responsibility of the individual member. Usually the guest pays the same fees as the hosting member, some restrictions may apply.

In all cases we ask guests to sign a guest book prior to sitting in on a meeting or attending an event.

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