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(Cancelled due to Covid-19) Sean Gailbraith - "How to Trespass" (7:15 PM EDT)
Sean Galbraith is a photographer, urban planner, and bow tie maker from Toronto. He's been specializing in making photographs inside of abandoned buildings for 14 years. Since 2008, he has almost exclusively photographed these spaces he visits with a 4x5 large format camera, but last year he bought his first digital camera in a decade and reluctantly reports that it is kind of fun. In 2009, he and his photographer friends were in a poorly watched television series called PhotoXplorers, which documented them trespassing across Europe for a week. He exhibits his very large format prints and has had numerous solo shows in Toronto. "How to Trespass" will take you behind the "No Trespassing" signs and inside some amazing abandoned buildings, while giving helpful tips on how to break the law to capture amazing photographs. There will be a $10 fee for non-members.
Competition 4 Closes
(Cancelled due to Covid-19) Ela Kurowska (7:15 PM EDT)
Ela Kurowska is a photographer and a biochemist who started her adventure with a camera 11 years ago.  As a photographer, Ela discovered quite early that she can combine her new love for capturing the world through the lens with her lifelong passion for science and experimenting.  In 2013 she developed a novel photography technique based on photoelasticity, an old visualization method from the field of materials engineering.  To create her artwork, Ela uses unique materials - soft, translucent organic gels.  The tiny structures that she builds from these gels have ability to transform into images of otherworldly life made of light and vivid colors when viewed and captured in the cross-polarized light.  Ela's website is at There will be a $10 fee for non-members.
(Cancelled due to Covid-19) David Trattles - "Photographing the Joy of Human Relation - Travel By Bicycle" (7:15 PM EDT)
David Trattles will be your host for a session on photography, and in making community as you travel. Dave knows cycling and slow documentary work: for 25 years he has been traveling by bicycle through 100 countries, and working as a social documentary photographer (Canadian Geographic, National Archives of Canada, Macleans, Elle, Ottawa Magazine). This presentation will be about why you should travel and what happens when you do – shared largely through stories that will have you out there in the world, living a specific time and experience. Along the way, Dave reveals the joy of human relations. By learning who the people are and how they live their lives, rather than focusing on what they are doing, he will share stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things (Muslim girl boxers of Calcutta, German cowboys, cheese rollers of Sicily, Tomato throwers of Bunol, Kefir makers of Tajikistan/Afghan border, marathoners of Calcutta, remote Canadian communities..). Dave Trattles will inspire you to get in touch with your own life force – to go out into the world on your bicycle and express your own individuality, your own richness – and to engage deeply in the lives and experiences of others. There will be a $20 fee for non-members.
(CANCELLED due to COVID-19) Fourth Competition Results (7:30 PM EDT)
Digital and prints. Our meeting to showcase the results has been cancelled.  Results will be shared electronically.
(CANCELLED due to COVID-19) Salon Competition Opens
This year's Salon/Exhibition is being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.
Fifth Thursday - NO MEETING (7:30 PM EDT)

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