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November 2017

November 2017

1st Competition Results (7:30 PM EDT)
This week we will review the results of our first competition.  Our Competition Director and team will present the results. delete
Richard Martin (7:30 PM EST)
Richard Martin, a well respected Canadian photographer & educator presents a unique style Focusing on: colour, shapes, light & shadows to create stunning images. Learn more about Richard and what he shoots at http://www.richardmartinphoto.com/ There will be a $10.00 fee for non-members, payable at the door. delete
Feedback Session - Competition #1 (7:30 PM EST)
Selected images critiqued from the previous competition are presented and discussed. delete
Andre Gallant - Around the World in Pictures (7:30 PM EST)
Please join us for Andre's presentation of 30 years plus of travel photography.  With images, audio visuals and commentary, you will see the world through Gallant's unique perspective. Andre Gallant is an internationally acclaimed creative/artist photographer who has been to our club in the past, and wowed us with his images and expertise.  We always come away enthused, with a number of new techniques and ideas. Andre travels the world over, taking expressive photographs.  He is the author or various photographic books, including Innovation, Inspiration, Expressionism, Destinations and Dreamscapes.  Andre teaches many Photography workshops in New Brunswick with Freeman Patterson, and on his own in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  He lectures throughout Canada, the US and internationally. Andre's work has appeared in numerous magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Canadian Camera, Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Gardening Life, En Route, etc. André is the recipient of two National Magazine Awards for his photography. He resides in Saint John, New Brunswick. Learn more about Andre at www.andregallant.com. There will be a $10.00 admission fee for non-members. delete

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