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April 2018

April 2018

Neil Ever Osborne Conservation via Photography (7:30 PM EDT)
Neil Ever Osborne is both a Nikon Ambassador and a photographer in residence for Canadian Geographic. He has traveled worldwide in search of compelling images that tell a story. Neil is an ardent conservationist and uses his images in an effort to gain support for a varied number of environmentally sensitive areas that we may lose due to commercial intrusion or changes in government legislation.  He will be presenting images in support of conservation efforts worldwide. There will be a $20 charge for visitors for this evening delete
SIG Night - How DSLR photo techniques apply to Device Photography (7:30 PM EDT)
SIG - Special Interest Groups.  (hands-on learning night)  Topic for tonight: How DSLR photo technique applies to "device photography". The evening will begin with John McKittrick discussing  "How DSLR photo technique applies to 'device photography' ". In the second half, members will be offered opportunities to employ some of John's suggestions using their own devices.  (so do bring your smart phone, tablet, etc for some hands-on work) This will be a 'Members Only" night. delete
Allan Hamilton Street Photography (7:30 PM EDT)
“An Introduction to Street Photography”. Is this you? You’ve plateaued with photography; even though you still love it, but don’t know why you’re not as enthused beyond knowing that you need to challenge yourself. If you have a deeply personal interest in people, communities and the human experience, then street photography is a profound way to reignite your drive and test yourself. Delving into this genre which combines fine art photography with documentary photography will push your personal comfort zone, and push you to engage with your fellow human being more. All the while, you’ll create photography that will awe and inspire. It’s an incredible connection. An incredible journey. This introduction to street photography, will get you started on that path. Find out more about Allan’s work at his website: https://hammerhomestreetphotography.wordpress.com/ There will be a $20.00 admission fee for all non members delete
Allan Davey - "Digital Illustrations" (7:30 PM EDT)
Allen Davey is the Owner/Photographer/Digital Artist at Allan Davey Photography & Digital Imaging in Stratford, Ontario. As a photographer / retoucher he has been creating advertising images for many of the world’s iconic brands for more the two decades. As a digital artist he has created over 1500 book covers, many of them for New York Times best selling authors. Allan would like to discuss the evolution of his work from photographer to digital artist working in the medium of photography. He sees these two disciplines with a completely different mindset. The only commonality is the tools which are used. Parallel to his career as a commercial photographer/retoucher/digital artist, he strives to evolve as a photographer as well. Allan will discuss how he sees these as separate entities and how he constantly evolves his approach. Find out more about Allan at his website http://www.allandavey.com There will be a $20.00 admission fee for non-members. delete
4th Competition - Results (7:30 PM EDT)
This week we will review the results of our fourth competition.  Our Competition Director and team will present the results. delete

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