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Vin Singh: Black and White Photography (7:15 PM EDT)
Being a graduate in the field of Physics, Vin Singh seeks and explores the beauty of the natural world. With courses in photography at University of Waterloo and Ontario College of Arts, Vin began his journey from Science to Photography, collecting a few awards along the way.  Vin's work has been showcased in Photolife, B+W and Silvershotz magazines and recognized as "World Class Photographer of the 118th Toronto International Salon of Photography".  Currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area, Vin is actively involved in the area's exclusive printmaking club "The Focal Forum". He is also active in one of the oldest photography clubs in Canada "The Toronto Guild for Photographic Arts" (Toronto Digital Photography Club). As an accredited judge through the Canadian Association of Photographic Art, Vin gives back to the photographic community by judging at many competitions as well as seminars. Start time: 7:15 pm Check Vin Singh's website: There will be a $20.00 admission fee for all non members
Members' Night (7:30 PM EDT)
When Terry McDonald spoke to the Club, he mentioned travelling light with the Sony RX10, which piqued a lot of interest. For the first half of Members’ Night, Andrew Campbell will discuss photographing his travels with his Sony RX 10 M4. He has been to about 45 countries so far. He will outline some of his experiences as well as the pros & cons of the RX10M4 essentially suggesting you have to find "what works for you" and know the type of "photo you want ". Then, Brenda Fee will take us through the process of making photobooks with Blurb. She has produced 11 books so far, and will bring some samples for us to browse.
Jane Vincent-Havelka: Return to Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon (7:15 PM EDT)
Start time: 7:15 pm Jane Vincent-Havelka is a London photographer and writer.   Over 17 years she travelled extensively in South America, doing documentary photography, consulting and public relations with her first husband and two young children.  Her photographs were used in presentations given to universities, schools, service clubs, and international groups - and for media work and public relations, for book illustrations, and by a New York agency.   Following her husband’s death, the focus of her photography changed to Asia.    She has travelled widely on that continent, from Pakistan to the Philippines - including thirteen high-altitude treks in the Himalayas - and also to central Africa.    For many years, she wrote full page travel articles, illustrated by her photographs, for newspapers across Canada.    Two of her articles have been accepted in Bradt travel anthologies. Bhutan is a Buddhist country in the Himalayas with a unique culture.    Jane was there 25 years ago.    Since her first visit, the country has become a democracy and has accepted TV, the internet and cell phones.    New roads, private cars and hydro power are opening up the country.    Travelling across Bhutan again,  Jane will see the impact of the changes.    Is the country reaching its goal of Gross National Happiness for its people? Jane has a particular interest in photographing people, with their cultures and livelihoods, and the effects of the environment, economics and politics on their lives.   A lot of her travel has been on foot, hiking and trekking between remote villages, and rough travel ‘off the beaten track’. There will be a $20.00 admission fee for all non members
Fourth Competition Closes (7:30 PM EDT)
Entries must be in by this date.
Rob Stimpson: Chasing Ernie (7:15 PM EDT)
In November 2014, professional photographer Rob Stimpson had the privilege of being part of the Centenary voyage of Ernest Shackleton's ill fated 1914 Trans Antarctic journey. He worked as the expedition photographer with One Ocean Expeditions on their ship, the Sergei Vavilov, who hosted the trip. Join Rob as he takes you on that journey - telling the story through his images, the descendants' accounts - a story that still today is a marvel of the human spirit and endurance. Rob Stimpson works in the tourism world; he is an internationally published, award-winning photographer. He teaches photography part time at Fleming College as well as runs workshops throughout Ontario. His working in Basle Switzerland as a photographer’s assistant laid the foundation for his success today. His first commercial break through came from selling images to Canada’s prestigious National Film Board. Rob has photographed for Ontario Tourism, Ontario Parks and Parks Canada for many years. His work has appeared on the covers of Ontario Parks Guides, calendars, magazines and national ads for the province and Canada. He has garnered numerous awards, including a Northern Lights Award from the Canadian Tourism Commission and Best Travel Photography Award from the Ontario Tourism Summit. In October 2012 he was nominated and accepted into the College of Fellows in the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He has co-authored An Artists and Photographers Guide to Wild Ontario as well as contributed to numerous books. His work has graced Canadian Geographic, Explore Magazine, Cathay Pacific, Japan Air in-flight magazines. His fine art prints hang in private homes around the world. Travels have taken him to many places but his favourite are Antarctica and the Arctic where he works as an expedition photographer for One Ocean Expeditions. In 2014 Rob was part of Ice Tracks Expedition’s centenary celebration of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Trans Antarctic Expedition. July 2016 he was selected by
Fourth Competition Results (7:30 PM EDT)

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