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September 2019
September 2019
September 2019
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Registration + Wednesday Walks A/V + Directors' Reports (7:30 PM EDT)
AGM + Mike Kukucska - "Night Sky Photography" (7:00 PM start) (7:00 PM EDT)
Note that there will be an early start (7:00 pm) for the Annual General Meeting. Then, Mike will present starting at around 7:30. Mike has been taking pictures ever since the purchase of his first film camera at age 16, but it wasn’t until his very first Milky Way photo a few years ago that the spark was truly lit, and he’s been hooked ever since. From techniques learned through astrophotography, he began experimenting with all aspects of long exposure night photography, both in nature and the city and has been thrilled to share his techniques with other eager photographers over the past few years at several club presentations. When not chasing stars and urban landscapes by night, Mike is the president of Hamilton Scenic Specialty Inc., a company specialising in creative fabrication projects for the entertainment industry. He has been featured in the Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton Magazine, PhotoLife, InSpades Magazine and Urbanicity, and his work has appeared in solo shows at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, group shows, the cover of the novel ‘The Capacity for Infinite Happiness’, and numerous private and corporate collections. You can find his work for sale at the Hamilton Store on James Street North in Hamilton or can be arranged through his website at Mike’s presentation tonight will touch on the 3 primary types of astrophotography but will focus in on single exposure wide angle landscapes. Discussed will be recommended gear and settings, checklists and planning which will provide a solid foundation for not only dark sky images, but long exposure photography in general. The presentation will be packed with tons of images and a few stories along the way. The non-member fees are waived for the month of September.
Western Fair - Pick up Photos
Did you enter anything into the Western Fair Photo Competition?  If so, don't forget to pick up your photos today between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm
Norm Ullock - "Competitions & Judging - An Evening with the OCCC Judge Chair" (7:15 PM EDT)
As many of our images are now judged by OCCC-certified judges, wouldn't you like to know what criteria they use? Whether you are a seasoned competition entrant, or are looking to get your feet wet, Norm will be available to inform us of the judging process and to answer questions you may have. The non-member fees are waived for the month of September.
Competition 1 Opens
Mark Zelinski - "Heart of Turtle Island: The Niagara Escarpment" (7:15 PM EDT)
Award-winning photographer and publisher Mark Zelinski presents a Power Point of photographs and stories from his ninth book "HEART OF TURTLE ISLAND: THE NIAGARA ESCARPMENT”. The images bring exquisite focus to the environmental treasures of the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, celebrating the diverse Indigenous and settler communities that thrive along its rugged, curving path.  Its aquifers and ecosystems support hundreds of at-risk species that coexist alongside the most densely populated and heavily developed region in Canada. Also included in this presentation are  images and travel/cultural stories and experiences from Mark's 80-country BOOKS THAT HEAL Initiative.  Mark Zelinski trained as an artist and a designer, and graduated as the top student of OCAD in 1979.  His diverse career as a professional photographer has taken him across 80 countries, with clients ranging from The National Film Board of Canada to Panasonic. He is also a publisher, writer, painter, filmmaker, a Fellow of Royal Canadian Geographical Society and winner of the Canadian Governor General’s Medal.  Zelinski is best known for his “Books That Heal” initiative - donating 7,000 copies of his photography books to 100 worldwide charities. His nine internationally acclaimed photography books include forewords by HRH Prince Philip, The Honourable Lincoln Alexander, HRH Prince Andrew, AFN Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day and The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau. The non-member fees are waived for the month of September.
Walter Raemisch - "Photography Design Principles" and "Embracing Your Mistakes - The Art of Observation" (7:15 PM EDT)
Member Walter Raemisch has generously put together a full evening's presentation on Design Principles (Just a Bunch of C.R.A.P.) {he'll have to explain that four letter acronym!] and Embracing Your Mistakes. These topics will appeal to everyone starting fresh in the new club year, and for experienced members to review and pick up inspiration. Walter is a teacher, and according to those who have seen him do this presentation before, is an entertaining speaker. There will be a $10 admission fee for non-members.

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