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February 2018

February 2018

Jane Vincent-Havelka - "Return to Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon" (7:30 PM EST)
Jane Vincent-Havelka is a London photographer and writer. Over 17 years she travelled extensively in South America, doing documentary photography, consulting and public relations with her first husband and two young children. Her photographs were used in presentations for universities, schools and various groups - and for media work and public relations, for book illustrations, and by a New York agency. Following her husband's death, the focus of her photography changed to Asia where she has travelled widely, from Pakistan to the Philippines, for both work and pleasure - with one trip to central Africa. For many years, she wrote full page travel articles, illustrated by her photos, for newspapers across Canada. Jane has a particular interest in photographing people, with their cultures and livelihoods, and the effects of the environment, economics and politics on their lives. A lot of her travel has been on foot, hiking and trekking between remote villages. Tonight Jane will talk about Bhutan, a Buddhist country in the Himalayas with a unique culture, which she first visited 24 years ago. Since then, the country has become a democracy, and has accepted TV, the internet and cell phones. New roads, private cars and hydro power are opening up the country. Travelling across Bhutan, Jane sees the impact of the changes, and finds out whether the country is reaching its goal of Gross National Happiness.  There will be a $10.00 admission fee for non-members. delete
Members Discuss their Images (7:30 PM EST)
Ross Chevalier - "Exposing to the right" (7:30 PM EST)
Exposing to the right is a process to maximize the data that is captured in your images. It is a workflow process best suited to shooting in RAW  with the understanding that some post-processing will be required. It also gives you more latitude than your default exposure will deliver, in most cases. Ross Chevalier will discuss the process and demonstrate the results. There will be a $10.00 admission fee for non-members. delete
Don Gutoski -"Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016" (7:30 PM EST)
Dr. Don Gutoski is a physician at the Urgent Care Centre of St. Joseph's Health Care, in London. He is also an active conservationist, naturalist, and award-winning photographer with an interest in wildlife. In 2015 he was awarded "World Wildlife Photographer of the Year", for his image "Tale of Two Foxes". He will discuss "Photographing the wildlife of Botswana, from travel suggestions to equipment and techniques in the field", and, the "World Photographer of the Year" contest. (https://www.facebook.com/Don-Gutoski-Photography-164355993614454/) There will be a $10.00 admission fee for non-members. delete
3rd Competition - Results (7:30 PM EST)
This week we will review the results of our third competition.  Our competition director  and team will present the results. delete

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