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Kristine Rose - Night Sky (7:00 PM EST)
Learn how to take your first photo of the Milky Way with the gear you already have. From planning to what setting is the most important (and why) to the different types of Milky Way photos you can create. Be inspired to get out under the night sky and create stunning images of our universe. Bio Kristine Richer is a classically trained photographer working in Nova Scotia, Canada. She completed two undergraduate degrees at NSCAD University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Photography and Bachelor of Design with a Major in Interdisciplinary Design. For more information and for guest registration, please visit Eventbrite.
3rd Competition Results (7:00 PM EST)
Open, Nature, Topic- Canada my Country, Theme- Macro/Close up
Michael Willems - Strobes and Flash (7:00 PM EDT)
See Eventbrite
Member Night- Rob Zakrison - African Wildlife and More (7:00 PM EDT)
See Eventbrite

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