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September, 2023
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HYBRID - Annual General Meeting, Year End Awards - Plus Harry Cartner's AV (7:00 PM EDT)
HYBRID - it means we are going to meet IN-PERSON  and via Zoom.  (technology permitting, patience please as we iron out the process Hopefully you can make it to the in-person event - there will be cake.  Sorry, no cake if you join virtually.  Join us for the first event of the season  After our Annual General Meeting (AGM), where we review the events of last season (to fulfill our obligations) ,  Robert Zakrison will review the winners of last year's competition. And after that, Harry Cartner will present his recent award wining AV show
Cole Thompson - Vision, Passion, Projects (7:00 PM EDT)
For 35 years of my photographic life, I was a "photographic grazer." I went wherever the grass was greener and focused on single images and greatest hits. It wasn't until 2007 that I was forced encouraged by Brooks Jensen to created my first project: Grain Silos. I'm seriously hooked on portfolios! And do you want to know the secret behind creating great portfolios? There isn't one. But what I have learned is that all of my portfolios have two ingredients in common: Vision and Passion. I'll be talking about how I create projects and why, and the critical role of Vision and Passion. I'll also be talking about: Where do my ideas come from? Why a good idea isn't enough. How I create projects. My least favorite type of portfolio. The project you should give up on. What are the rules for creating a project.
Mark Hogan - Diorama Roomscapes (7:00 PM EDT)
The topic for the evening's presentation will be my staged miniature photography and compositing practice. I'll be going through the miniature stage set design and build process, showing behind the scenes images of the models during construction, the lighting, the studio photography and the lightroom and photoshop techniques used to finish them. I'll also cover studio sessions with a live model and then the ultimate blending of the shots into a final, fine art image. I'll be combining a PowerPoint presentation and videos, and will be happy to answer any questions at the end of the session. Speaker URL:
Member or Breakout Room night (7:00 PM EDT)
Breakout Room

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