LCC Website Privacy Statement

The London Camera Club (LCC) uses your name and contact information for the provision of club services and administration, including the LCC website.

Members are required to provide, as a minimum, First and Last names in order to have access to the website.

The provision of an email address is required in order to receive club communications, add images to website galleries, participate in club competitions, register for events and other club activities on the website. 

The LCC uses email as the official communication method to members.  No other method of official notification will be issued.  All members' email addresses are included in the website's email distribution group. Individual email addresses are not displayed in these emails.

LCC Members have the ability to Opt Out of club group emails, however you will not receive club communications, including notices of General Meetings, Special Meetings, events, competitions, club administration and other activity notices.  It is expected that members will not Opt Out.

The provision of additional personal information is requested in order to better facilitate various club activities.  Additional personal information includes:

• home phone number (strongly recommended)

• cell phone number (recommended)

• home mailing/street address (recommended)

• personal website (optional)


Members’ personal information is stored in their profile on the website.  It will contain the contact information you have provided (name, email address, mailing address, phone numbers).  This information is always hidden from Public view.

LCC Members’ profile will have the contact information viewing set to ‘Hidden’ from all members, except Membership Managers, Event Managers and Web Administrators, as the default.  Members may voluntarily change this so that their contact information is visible by other members (who are logged into the website) – this is a personal choice.

Members may review their personal profile to set or update such items as your contact information, preferences, personal website link and a Password Reset Question in your profile. Login to the website and then go to "My Account-My Account Settings-Update Personal Profile and Organization Settings".

Additional Website Privacy Policy from Software Pursuits, Inc., the Visual Pursuits provider of the website hosting used by LCC:  Visual Pursuits Privacy Policy


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