2020/2021 Competition Dates


Competition Handbook

2020-2021 Competition Handbook (Revised 2021-02-15) : Click here to download.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all four competitions held this year will be digital-only.  There will be no print category. 

As well as Nature, Open, Black&White, and People, there will be one additional themed category for each of the competitions. 

  • October 8, 2020 - November 12, 2020  - Special Theme: Creative

This will be a digital-only competition.  

Creative photography promotes the manipulation of photograph(s) in both in-camera and post processing for artistic purposes to create a fictional or conceptual image or photographic art. Any subject or topic is acceptable in this competition provided that the original captured image is the work of the photographer.

  • Abstract – Representing tangible objects or people. These can include bokeh, double exposure, blurred image, intentional camera movement, panning, patterns, light painting, lines, macro image, oil & water, high-speed water drops, shapes, simplicity, spinning, smoke, texture, etc. It does not have to represent an accurate depiction of reality.
  • Altered Reality – Using real-world environment and elements to create a realistic or unrealistic fictional image. Ideally, the intention is to create an image that conveys a message or tells a story.
  • Creative – Conveys a mood, a feeling, a beautiful arrangement of elements that could be expressive and can be aesthetically pleasing or promotes an emotional response to shapes, lines and colours. The image should go beyond a pictorial rendering of a scene. 


  • November 14, 2020 - January 7, 2021  - Special Theme: Fine Art

This will be a digital-only competition.  

Fine Art photography is characterized by the photographer’s intent as an artist to elicit an emotional or intellectual response in the viewer.  The photographer uses subjects and techniques to convey a strong message, idea or emotion. The photographer’s creative vision is to be expressed in that image.  Fine art stands in contrast to representational photography such as portrait, landscape, still-life, nature or photo-journalism. Therefore, these types of images can only be permitted into this competition if they contain significant artistic changes or substantial transformation into fine art. 

Ask yourself…. Is there a message or vision that I am trying to convey with this photo?


  • January 9, 2021 -February 25, 2021  - Special Theme: Curves and Lines

This will be a digital-only competition.  

Curves and Lines will include converging lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, horizontal lines, opposing diagonal lines, S-curves and vertical lines.  Images submitted for this competition can come from a wide range of topics and subjects such as abstract, altered reality, aircraft, cityscape, flowers, landscape, machinery, nature, people, plants, seascapes, still-life, tools, vessels, wildlife, etc. Both colour and monochrome/infrared images can be entered.


  • February 27, 2021 - May 6, 2021  - Special Theme: Reflections

This will be a digital-only competition.  

Reflections in this category must be images produced by a photographic process (actual reflections and not those created in a computer by flipping the image to create a reflection). Common types of reflections are:

  • Natural reflections - These occur in nature such as waterscapes. An example is a cityscape reflected on a river or a group of birds reflected on a pond.
  • Architectural reflections - These occur on architectural surfaces. An example is an old building reflected on a modern glass building in front of it.
  • Surreal reflections - Surreal photography blurs the boundary between the real and the unreal and often shows things that seem impossible in everyday life. Surreal photographs can be described as unusual, unreal, idiosyncratic, illogical, weird, irrational, surprising, dream-like, disorienting and anarchistic. An example may be a photograph of parts of faces reflected in broken glass.
  • Abstract reflections – These show colours and lines without revealing what the reflected subject is. An example is a colourful building reflected on water, showing wavy lines and colours.


The rules and guidelines for the ‘theme’ categories are listed under ‘Eligibility of Entries’ – page 5 of the competition handbook.

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