Get Involved - Volunteering

The London Camera Club is a non-profit, all-volunteer club.  The strength of any organization depends on its membership.    There are a number of areas where you can help out, some of which require minimal time and effort,  Or make a bigger contribution and volunteer for an Executive position or join a sub-committee.

Please note that some activities have been suspended for the current season, due to COVID-19.


Thursday Night Meetings - Lend a Hand 

Thursday nights, we need volunteers to come early (by 6:50 pm) to help set up the chairs for our nightly presentation.   At the end of the night, chairs need to be stacked and/or set up around tables for activities being held in the church the next day.

Our social director also sets up the beverage carts, including tea and coffee.  She can always use an extra set of hands to set up and clean up.   



One of the greatest benefits of the club is information sharing among members.   Whether you are a beginner, novice or advanced photographer, everyone has something to share, and often something to learn.   Details on the mentorship program can be found on the site, consider being a mentor to someone. It only takes a couple of hours to sit down with someone and teach them a new skill.  You will gain a new friend and know that you've helped someone along their path of photography.  It's a great feeling!


Join a sub-committee

Each year, our busy Executive team spends many hours putting together the program for the year.   The role of the executive is to act as Chairs for the various groups. but they rely on members to share and contribute to those groups.  Take a look at the list of Executive positions and if there is a group that interests you, please contact the chair (or email the webmaster) and volunteer.


Use our Forums

One of the least used aspects of our site is the Forums area.  As well as buy/sell opportunities, a number of informational forums have been set up.   Have a question, ask.  Have some advice, answer.  Don't see a topic/forum that we should have - send a note to the webmaster (


Website Team

We are always looking for new ideas to improve the website, whether it is adding more educational content, or adding topics about the club's daily activities.  


LCC Walks

Throughout the club year, photography walks are scheduled, usually in the morning, and sometimes afternoon or evening. We are always looking for volunteers to recommend new locations or help out with the walks themselves. When you join a walk, seek out people that you haven’t met before, share your ideas, and learn form others.

Watch the LCC Events Facebook page for details of upcoming walks.


Provide ideas and feedback 

Too busy to volunteer for a subcommittee, but have a great idea for a speaker or a workshop?  Is there a topic you'd like to hear about at the club, or get up and speak about a topic you are passionate about?  Is there a website you use all the time to learn and grow, which would be useful to others?  We are always looking for club input - just send a email to the president or the web-master and we will be sure to pass your idea along.


Don't know who to contact?  Email the webmaster ( and they will forward on your query to the right person.


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