2020 - 2021 Workshops


Note: It is best to check the Calendar for workshop information as it will 

always be more accurate than this page.


Artistic Photography - Jackie Kramer    - Saturday October 24, 31,  November 1, 2020

In this workshop, Jackie will take you through all the stepping stones to creative floral photography. 
It will consist of a 2 day virtual workshop preceded by an orientation, image reviews, and a dedicated private Facebook group. Check the calendar for the full agenda. 


Lightroom for Beginners - Marion Buccella and Bill Niessen - Saturday November 14, 2020

A beginners introduction to Lightroom Classic CC with Bill Niessen and Marion Buccella. Get started using Lightroom the right way. Geared to club shooters and new users of the program featuring information on cataloging images, using the develop module, and other tools within Lightroom Classic CC. 


Lightroom Intermediate - Marion Buccella and Bill Niessen - Saturday January 16, 2021

Building on the Beginners Workshop for Lightroom Classic CC,  Bill Niessen and Marion Buccella take a little deeper dive into using Lightroom with developing a consistent workflow for storing, finding and editing images in mind. Geared to club shooters and users who have been using the program for a while but maybe not to its full potential. We’ll cover information on cataloging images, using the develop module, and other tools within Lightroom. Please bring a laptop with Lightroom loaded so that you can follow along with the exercises.


Lightroom Advanced - Marion Buccella and Bill Niessen - Saturday February 13, 2021

Bill Niessen and Marion Buccella discuss Advanced Lightroom processing. Our plan for this session will not be a lecture style format as we’ve done before, instead we’re splitting into small groups and working individually with attendees processing their own images. To make it work we are strictly limiting the number to 10. We don’t expect you to be an advanced user to participate but you should be using Lightroom as your main tool for working with your images and have good grasp of the basics of loading and finding files. There will be some pre work required so the earlier you register the better.


Photoshop for Lightroom Users -  Bill Niessen  - Saturday January 23, 2021

Bill Niessen will guide you through the basics of integrating Photoshop with your Lightroom Classic workflow. When to switch to Photoshop and how to let LrC manage your Photoshop files. We’ll cover the basics of layers, cloning along with best practices for file management in both programs. 


Photoshop - Creative Design and Composites - Dan Lavery    - Saturday March 6, 2021

Peek under the covers, as Dan Lavery teaches how he creates some of his Photoshop artwork.  This is a hands on advanced Photoshop workshop.  

Minimum of 8 / max 10 participants to ensure there is ample instructor/student interaction.  
You should be comfortable with the common PS tools and brushes, loading files, layers, adjustments, opacity and filters.


Have an idea for a workshop?  

Contact the Workshop Chair with your idea or add a message to our forum.  We are always looking for new learning opportunities!

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