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You may notice that we've been updating our website, including adding an image to our banner.   The current image 'Forks of the Thames' is courtesy of Judith Ponti-Sgargi - thanks for the image Judith!

We'd like to showcase your photos as well, so we're opening up a small contest to our members to share your images for our banner.  We are looking for the sort of thing that says "London and Area".  So folks know we belong to 'this London' and not the one across the pond.  

You are able to submit up to four images, we'd like different seasons if you have them.  

The contest is open until December 6, 2018, for submissions, and after that the club as a whole will be able to vote for their favourites. We’ll announce the results in January.  The winners will have bragging rights to be the face of the club for visitors and members alike.

So now the tricky part. The image needs to be long and narrow. The size should be 1500 px wide x 300 px high.  Panoramas will work well but anything that looks good cut to fit should be considered. Also blended scenes or Triptych style panels could work too. If you're struggling with the resizing let us know and we’ll send help.

Images are submitted from the Competitions menu.

Please don't include your watermark on your image for the competition, we will absolutely ask you to watermark it before we post it on the website. 


Voting open

Our Website Banner Contest has 40 entries, thanks to all that took the time to enter, there is some really nice work here. Now it's up to the rest of us to pick our favourites by voting on them. You have the rest of the month to do it. Go to the "Competitions" Menu > "Vote on Competitions" and you will see the voting page.

The software allows a few different options and we chose the 5 star rating option since it's likely the most familiar to people using Lightroom or Bridge. Ideally, rate all the images from 1 to 5, if you just want to rate a few of your favorites with 4s and 5s that's okay too.  Honestly, we won't know until it closes how the results present but we are sure we'll see which ones are the favourites with the final tally.  Remember to hit save after each session.

Good luck and we hope you all enjoy the process. We are looking forward to seeing how many in the club participate in this.  So close Facebook and place your votes.


Note: We reserve the right to edit the image size, crop, add logo, text, etc. to fit to the website; We may also use the images on the club’s Facebook page.  

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