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(A quick shout-out to the Victoria Camera Club for producing and sharing this reference material!)

  1. Upload Images to a Competition (Sep2015)  (pdf)
  2. Upload Images Directly to a Gallery (Sep2015) (pdf)
  3. Add Images to a Competition from My Image Library (pdf)
  4. Add Images to a Gallery from My Image Library (pdf)
  5. Remove Images from My Image Library (pdf)
  6. Upload Images to My Image Library (pdf)
  7. Remove Images from My Image Library (pdf)
  8. Manage Your Watermarks (pdf)
  9. Manage Your Personal Profile and Organization Options (pdf)
  10. Manage My Account Settings including Change Password (pdf)
  11. View Competition Results (.pdf)
  12. Registering for a Workshop or Field Trip (pdf)

>> For a clarification of Image Library vs Gallery - click here


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