Stepping Stones in Artistic Floral Photography -Orientation with Jackie Kramer

The event was held on October 24, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

This is a short orientation session for the Oct 30/Nov1 Stepping Stones in Artistic Floral Photography with Jackie Kramer.
Jackie will describe the agenda in more detail, provide equipment tips and other info needed for the workshop. 

See the note below for info and to register for the full event.  


Many of you are members of Jackie Kramer's 'Phlorography' Facebook page.  

In this workshop, Jackie will take you through all the stepping stones to creative floral photography. 
It will consist of a 2 day virtual workshop preceded by an orientation, image reviews, and a dedicated private Facebook group.  

Jackie is providing a $40 discount to Club members.   

Register at the following link

Intro Video ->>

Lecture & Orientation (for workshop participants) (Date to be finalised,  Likely Oct 29/7pm ). 

  1.  Overview of agenda for the weekend
  2.  Required gear
  3.  How to set up your home "studio" (really you only need a room with a window; I use my dining room)

Day 1 - Shooting

  1.  Subject
  2.  Composition & Approach
  3.  Lighting
  4.  Background & Foreground
  5.  Selective Focus/Depth of Field

Day 2 morning - Post-processing Lightroom 

  1.  Global & Targeted edits in Lightroom
  2.  Black & White
  3.  Colour

Breaks for lunch, shooting & upload

Final shooting assignment to be uploaded at end of day

Day 2 afternoon - Post-processing  Adding Textures in Photoshop

  1.  1. Shooting Textures
  2.  2. Adding Textures using Layers in Photoshop

Final shooting assignment to be uploaded during week prior to image reviews

Image Reviews - a week afterwards



Virtual Meeting

This meeting will be held via Zoom. Please look for an email from the Program Director on the morning of the event.

No address is available.

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